An Entrepreneurial Journey with Kirk-Anthony Hamilton

Mona Business Support Services is proud to host An Entrepreneurial Journey with Kirk-Anthony Hamilton. Taking place on September 8, 2017 at the UWI Mona Senate Building, he will share his entrepreneurial insights and expertise cultivated over a decade in the Caribbean and the United States.

Over thirteen years, Hamilton has consulted with or otherwise worked with Mirsand Architects Ltd, Star Island Bahamas, hospitality firm WATG, and Keystone Augusta Inc. He himself founded Greenstar Universal in 2004 and the Infiniti Partnership in 2014. For his successes and contributions, he was selected as one of 75 worldwide entrepreneurs to be honoured at the US President's Global Entrepreneurship Initiative in 2015, and was one of 50 Global Shapers to participate at the World Economic Forum in January 2016. Though based in Miami, Hamilton organizes Tech Beach Retreat, an annual tech entrepreneurship conference connecting Caribbean, North American and European firms and investors.

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