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Incorporated in 2013 as Mona Business Support Services (MBSS), the incubator originally housed small BPO operations. With the help of IT partners, we also gave technical support to Sutherland Global Services, the Small Business Association, Port Authority and a few other firms and organisations. However, after commencement, MBSS reoriented its efforts towards developing local and student entrepreneurship. To better fulfill our commitment, the incubator expanded the profile of services available. Additionally, our space at the Mona Technology Park could not accommodate all of our clients or our planned service offerings. Hence, we moved our operations to the new Aqueduct Flats building and rebranded as the Mona Entrepreneurial and Commercialization Centre (MECC).

In five years time, the incubator immensely expanded and diversified serving 43 clients with a cumulative 172 jobs created. Initially limited to assistance of small and medium businesses, our incubator has taken on the task of commercializing research produced on the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona campus. In that same time, our client base grew from 7 to 24 businesses, representing the M-commerce, EdTech, Biotech & Nutraceuticals, Publishing, Tours & Travel, Micro-Finance, Agriculture, Marketing & Promotions, Sustainable Manufacturing. 40% of those businesses are run by women, up from less than 5%, and we currently assist differently abled clients.

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Mona Entrepreneurial & Commercialization Centre will be the leader in the region for incubation and commercialization services through unparalleled support from our staff and our network of partners. Our clients will be best in class and optimise the competitiveness of the region. We will significantly empower vulnerable populations and practically impact poverty alleviation, economic development and equality in Jamaica and the region.


Mona Entrepreneurial & Commercialization Centre (MECC) transforms ideas into products and businesses to facilitate sustainable growth; providing critical support throughout pre-incubation, incubation and post incubation.

We provide the highest quality service to transform new enterprises into profitable businesses while maintaining our own sustainability. We will meet the needs of the UWI population and wider community with special attention to vulnerable populations, especially female led enterprises and the differently abled.

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