We have moved!

To accommodate client and more services, we have re-branded as the Mona Entrepreneurial and Commercialization Centre (MECC). We also moved from Mona Technology Park to the nearby Aqueduct Flats complex. These changes mark a new chapter in the incubator's four year history.

With an initial clientele of seven firms in 2013, MECC serves twenty entities as of November 2017. These clients have varying needs as they are of different sizes. Each one needs specific facilities to conduct business. Moreover, women run 30% of client companies (up from 5%). 5% of entrepreneurs are differently abled. The incubator must make the space necessary to remain at the forefront of service if it wishes to keep expanding and diversifying.

MECC is still committed to assisting entrepreneurs and small/medium enterprises in the Mona area. However, to better serve this community, we are also pivoting towards commercialization of intellectual property coming from the University of the West Indies. We will solidify our engagement with researchers, students and faculty alike. To widen our reach, MECC offers two new service packages to clients. Virtual, Hotdesk and Residential packs remain. But clients may use the Custom Residential pack at Aqueduct Flats. To learn more, see our services offered.

We at MECC are proud of the incubator's history. Clients, staff and the Mona community each make it what it is. MECC will use the progress made as a foundation for more growth and improved services.

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